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Who we work with is important because we are in this for the long haul and, frankly, life is short, so let’s make it sweet. Successful relationships require special care and attention to provide the greatest outcome,  which is why it is also essential that our values match up. This commitment extends beyond our office walls and out into our personal lives and community. Here in Boulder, CO we believe it is our responsibility to take care of others, as well as ourselves.  This is a daily meditative mindset that fuels us with a fabulous energy that we enjoy sharing with others. By cultivating an environment of checks and balances, we practice consistency and generate new ideas and reflections on what can be better. These valuable considerations ensure success for everyone.

17+ Years of Experience

Our marketing models come from over 17 years of dedication and multi-cultural immersion helping companies like yours across the global landscape. Our work in the B2B and B2C sectors is supported by a creative business team with specific skill-set in design, data and analytics, marketing technology, writing and production with long-standing relationships in the entertainment, creative, and technology worlds. Whether you are a SaaS start-up, Industrial Supplier, or direct to Consumer Brand, we have the knowledge to get your business moving forward.

Success Stories

“Our website looks great! Thank you.”

Sean Easton
Sales Director, WASTELINQ

“It’s fantastic to know that we have such a great Marketing Company like Emktg with Laura Magee, CEO and her talented team to provide the kind of support that brings our entire “marketing strategic plan” to industrial markets globally through social, nurturing, retargeting, traditional media and pay-per-click campaigns.  In addition, we are very pleased how EMKTG develops and manages our website which definitely exceeds the expectations of our organization.  We have an internal marketing group at Valco Melton who integrate well on a daily basis with the team of professionals at Emktg."

Paul Chambers
VP Sales & Marketing, Valco Melton

We have the best-valued product in our industry! But, we had no idea how to reach out to our customers. EMKTG, has put us on the map and now we are moving and shaking!!! Many thanks to the EMKTG team!

Spencer Ace
Founder/CEO, Pacific Mattress Co.

About the Founder
Laura Magee CEO EMKTG Boulder Colorado Marketing Agency

Laura Magee

Founder, CEO, Managing Director

Over 17 years ago, Laura began her career as a fashion designer, relief printmaker, and graphic designer in NYC just as the digital landscape was beginning to take shape. She spent the next 15 years working for an industrial manufacturer, a brand now present in more than 96 countries, as the Global Marketing Director, leading a successful, diverse, and multi-lingual team. During that time, she lived in almost every major US city, as well as a few locations in Europe before building the Agency in Colorado.

Her marketing experience started with the strategic planning and implementation of multinational campaigns and technology. By building databases of cataloged information, she understood what it took to bring business operations into the next era. Further work provided a thorough background hand-coding websites, integrating SaaS platforms, and building content roadmaps. With ongoing efforts to advance corporate programs and align sales, marketing, and engineering groups, she developed expertise in international communication, technology, big data and analytics. 

In her 20’s, Laura also traveled with festival circuits, speakers, and known musicians, learning about the entertainment business. Her love for connecting people, music, and community keeps her busy smiling. Although, she still geeks out over analyzing techy problems, she finds added zen writing about experiences, daydreaming of architecture, drawing landscapes, and climbing higher.


Clients We've Helped

EMKTG Boulder Colorado Marketing Agency Partner Wastelinq
EMKTG Boulder Colorado Marketing Agency Partner Valco Melton
EMKTG Boulder Colorado Marketing Agency Partner Pacific Mattress Co
EMKTG Boulder Colorado Marketing Agency

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Our marketing experience comes from over 17 years of partnership with industry leading businesses across the globe. Contact us today to learn how we can take your business to the next level.

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