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Secure websites, Technology Integrations, and Data Analytics


Track performance to prove Return-On-Investment (ROI) and optimize campaign performance.


Set up email programs and personalized website ads to run automatically based on your customers personal preferences.  


Connect datasets that exist in two or more systems and get a more cohesive picture of what is occurring. Shared data across departments and enable your internal teams to do their jobs more effectively.


Make more informed decisions, quickly report on what’s happening, or benchmark, measure, optimize, and repeat the ongoing success of your channel campaign campaigns.


EMKTG Boulder Colorado Marketing Tracking Performance

One of the greatest benefits of digital marketing is the ability to track performance and prove Return-On-Investment (ROI). Digital advertising provides data for reporting, which allows marketers to make informed decisions on the fly. “Jack be Nimble, Jack be Quick,...” You jump over the candle stick! With the right setup to collect and read data in place, you too can act nimbly. We always audit the existing setup of a businesses data collection to ensure your are the most competitive and ensure there are not any gaping holes in the reports; This makes certain every decision made to tweak or modify a campaign is the right one.  The result? Higher performing campaigns and a greater ROI.

Not only is ad tracking an essential element of any great marketing program, but customer tracking is utterly essential. With customer accepted cookie tracking, we trace  a visual mapping of the customer journey. This explains where they came from, how the user interacted with various channels and campaigns, demographic makeup, and more. Although there are many other benefits of having tracking in place, one more specific example includes the ability for Retargeting. By following anonymous visitor traffic, retargeting campaigns, or personalized ad campaigns displayed based on the past behavior of a visitor, are made possible. Perhaps a potential customer did some research on your product via your blog. With tracking in place, we have the ability to follow that specific customer that once viewed your webpage  of that same product offering wherever they go on the web and it permits on-page ads, after they leave your site.

At EMKTG, we build marketing campaigns around benchmark KPI’s.  We then utilize the latest tracking methods to maintain optimal campaign performance. To learn more about how this works, feel free to send us your question(s) here.

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EMKTG Boulder Colorado Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is truly a blessing among business stakeholders and marketers. What was initially done manually, or wasn’t even possible, can now be set up to run automatically. This practice is called automation.

Marketing automation does require additional software that can automate specific marketing functions, but there are a slew of options out there. At EMKTG we use Kissmetrics, Hubspot, Marketo, or Pardot.  This automation is setup with rules that tell the system to perform certain functions with the leads as they interact with campaigns. The channel strategy is planned around the customer’s journey. Essentially, this software saves a business an exponential amount of time and headache associated with doing this manually.  Marketers are able to setup and launch more campaigns in less time, and more at once because of these amazing marketing technologies. Email campaigns , social media posts, and even support chat bots, to name a few, can all be automated depending on the marketing technology you are using.

Our marketing automation experts understand best practices, tips and tricks to  make sure your messages and content get to the right person at the right time across the sales pipeline. We are trained and certified specialists in each of the technologies we utilize for customers campaigns.  We are also able to help your with on-boarding your internal marketing teams to use these industry-leading automation tools if you prefer to carry these tasks out in-house.

Want to get more bang for your buck? Contact us today to learn how you can utilize an EMKTG automation service to increase your ROI and grow your business at a faster rate.

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Integrations and Technology

Website Integration consists of connecting datasets that exist in two or more systems to get a better, more cohesive picture of what is occurring. By connecting information that can be shared across various departments using different platforms, teams are enabled to do their jobs better.  Depending on which systems you are using, backend work needs to be done in order to connect the systems. Not all systems speak to each other very nicely, which is why is important to consider what you wish to achieve as far in advance as possible. For example, such tools could consist of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms, analytic tools, e-commerce add-ons, chat bots, or more.  By aligning teams with technology, businesses are able to reduce internal silos and empower teams with collective knowledge.

Marketing Technology (also known as MarTech)  equips marketers to provide a better user experience and to do their jobs more effectively.. Because there are so many marketing tools out there (10,000+), planning out exactly how they need to work together is essential for success. .

At EMKTG, we have the technical experience you may need to make certain  your marketing investments are setup properly and working correctly. As a technology partner, EMKTG is able to provide you with the very best price and service for the platforms you decide to work with given the existing technology you may already have in place. Ask us for more information today.

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Data & Analytics

EMKTG Boulder Colorado Marketing Data Analytics

Data and analytics is a vital component to the planning, optimization, and strategy of a successful marketing program.  For this reason, we make this piece a required component to any plan we design. This information is what allows any marketer to make an informed decision, report on what’s happening, and feeds as the ongoing source to benchmark, measure, optimize and repeat the ongoing success  of a channel campaign.

What’s the demographic makeup of your audience? Where is the majority of your traffic coming from?  Which channels are the most effective? By analyzing these results, we can provide you with this information..

We utilize the latest tracking and analytics tools to make informed decisions on all aspects of our campaigns and ensure the highest possible return-on-investment. Furthermore, we excel at translating analytics and any marketing ‘jargon’ into high-level, ingestible information, so you can make faster,more intelligent business decisions.

Give your business the ability to make better decisions and obtain a higher ROI. Learn how to get your analytics boost by contacting us today.  

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